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GAL is a leading organization in global law on animals.

GAL is an independent and worldwide pioneering authority for the health and protection of animals through the law.

The global approach of GAL encompasses the concept of "One Health/One Welfare" - the health of humans, animals are strongly interconnected, and we must live together in harmony for sustainable global health. The health of animals is understood as a state of complete physical, mental and social welfare.

GAL focuses on realistic, sustainable and far-reaching steps to move our agenda forward and acts in a practical and useful manner. In cooperation with national and international institutions, GAL helps respective legislators take the next steps for the development of key measures that help improve the legal protection and welfare of all categories of animals, i.e. companion, farm, lab, sport/entertainment and wild animals.

German supporting association


The work of GAL is based on 4 pillars: Prevention, Legislation, Enforcement and Education.

Since its beginning, GAL has successfully implemented several projects, such as:

  • GAL Database (the only comprehensive and continuously updated database of all animal welfare legislation worldwide - national, regional and international level).
  • GAL Matrix
  • GAL Friendly Index
  • GAL Animal Guide

Furthermore, on 22 August 2019, the German supporting association of GAL was created.

More about us

People interested in protecting animals through the law.

Our team, the experts and our patronage committee ensure the quality of GAL's work, its independence and our international networking.


GAL Team


As Founder and President of GAL, I, Antoine F. Goetschel, would like to thank all family members, friends and colleagues for their great support. For all of you have given us the faith and strength to listen to our hearts, follow our inspiration and believe in the future enough to found GAL. A special thank you to all of you.

Collage Experts


All animal protection lawyers and professionals, students and professors, are invited to join the GAL expert group. As the first international expert group on animal protection law, we hope you will be proud to be part of the family.

Collage Team Patronage

Patronage Committee

A great deal of credibility is contributed to GAL and its projects by the selected interdisciplinary members of the GAL Patronage Committee. The committee also ensures that GAL is active on a national and international scale.

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